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Anxietate - definitie

Anxietate - definiție

Anxietate - status caracterizat prin teamă (aprehensiune), neliniște și frică exagerată însoțită de obicei de simptomalogie somatică: tensiune, tahicardie, dispnee.

a. de castrare - teama de a pierde organele genitale sau funcția sexuală, ca rezultat al unor obsesii sau înclinații sexuale agresive, denumit și complex de castrare.

a. de separare - sentiment de pericol, teamă și întristare față de despărțirea de o persoană apropiată.

Anxiety - definition

Anxiety - fear or apprehension or dread of impending danger and accompanied by restlessness, tension, tachycardia, and dyspnea unattached to a clearly identifiable stimulus.

a. attack - an acute episode of anxiety.

castration a. (castration complex) - 1. a child's fear of injury to the genitals by the parent of the same sex as punishment for unconscious guilt over oedipal feelings; 2. fantasied loss of the penis by a female or fear of its actual loss by a male; 3. unconscious fear of injury from those in authority.

free-floating a. - in psychoanalysis, a pervasive unrealistic expectation unattached to a clearly formulated concept or object of fear; observed particularly in a. neurosis and may be seen in some cases of latent schizophrenia.

noetic a. - in existential psychotherapy, a. caused by confusion or loss of meaning in life.

separation a. - a child’s apprehension or fear associated with removal from or loss of a parent or significant other.

situation a. - a. related to current life problems.