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Eucariot - definitie

Eucariot - definiție

Eucariot [cario- = nucleu] - un organism ale cărui celule prezintă membrane nucleare, organite celulare legate prin membrane și ribozomi și care se multiplică prin mitoză; de ex., protozoarele, ciupercile, plantele și animalele.

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Eukaryote - definition

Eukaryote [karyon = kernel, nut] - 1. a cell containing a membrane-bound nucleus with chromosomes of DNA, RNA, and proteins, with cell division involving a form of mitosis in which mitotic spindles (or some microtubule arrangement) are involved; mitochondria are present, and, in photosynthetic species, plastids are found. Possession of a eukaryote type of cell characterizes the four kingdoms above the Monera or prokaryote level of complexity: Protoctista, Fungi, Plantae, and Animalia, combined into the superkingdom Eukaryotae. 2. common name for members of the Eukaryotae.

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