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Guta - definitie

Guta - definiție

Gută - o afecțiune metabolică marcată printr-un exces de acid uric în sînge prin inflamația dureroasă a articulațiilor, în special ale degetelor mari ale picioarelor și prin depozite de biurat de sodiu la nivelul cartilajelor articulațiilor afectate și în rinichi.

Gută latentă - stare caracterizată prin hiperuricemie fără manifestări clinice gutoase.

Gută secundară - guta care apare ca rezultat al creșterii metabolismului nucleoproteinelor și a producției de acid uric.

Gută cu tofi - gută caracterizată prin prezența tofilor (depozitelor de urat de sodiu) la nivelul ariilor articulare și cartilaginoase.

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Gout - definition

Gout - a disorder of purine metabolism characterized by a raised but variable blood uric acid level and severe recurrent acute arthritis of sudden onset resulting from deposition of crystals of sodium urate in connective tissues and articular cartilage; most cases are inherited, resulting from a variety of abnormalities of purine metabolism.

Articular gout - the usual form of gout attaking one or more of the joints.

Calcium gout (pseudogout) - acute episodes of synovitis caused by deposits of calcium pyrophosphate crystals rather than urate crystals as in true gout; associated with articular chondrocalcinosis.

Idiopathic gout (primary gout) - acute episodes od crystal-induced synovitis due to abnormality of purine metabolism; lower than normal urinary excretion of urate leading to hyperuricemia and acute episodes of joint inflammation.

Latent gout (masked gout) - hyperuricemia without symptoms of gout. 

Retrocedent gout - obsolete term for the occurrence of severe gastric, cardiac, or cerebral symptoms during an attack of gout, especially when the joint and other symptoms suddenly subside at the same time.

Saturnine gout (lead gout) - gout occurring in a person with lead piosoning.

Secondary gout - gout resulting from increased serum uric acid levels as a result of an antecedent disease, such as a proliferative disease of the blood and bone marrow, lead poisoning, or prolonged chronic renal failure (on dialysis).

tophaceous gout - gout in which deposits of uric acid and urates occur as gouty tophi.