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Melanoza - definitie

Melanoză - definiție

Melanoză - acumulare anormală de pigment negru în diferite organe și țesuturi. Numită și melanism.

Melanosis - definition

Melanosis - abnormal dark brown or brown-black pigmentation of various tissues or organs, as the result of melanin or, in some situations, other substances that resemble melanin to varying degrees; e.g., melanosis of the skin may occur in widespread metastatic melanoma, sunburn, during pregnancy, and as a result of chronic infections.

Pustular melanosis - a transient, benign, pustular rash of unknown etiology seen in neonates; leaves a hyperpigmented base when the pustule resolves.

Riehl melanosis - a brown pigmentary condition of the exposed portions of the skin of the neck and face with melanin pigment in dermal macrophages, thought to result from photodermatitis due to materials, such as cosmetic ingredients, or oils encountered in various occupations.